Barnes & Barnes “Pancake Dream” 2 LP Brown Maple Syrup Splatter Vinyl

Barnes & Barnes “Pancake Dream” 2 LP Brown Maple Syrup Splatter Vinyl

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Barnes & Barnes “Pancake Dream”

Double LP of all-new material by comedy-music icons Barnes & Barnes!

The demented duo behind the classic novelty hit ”Fish Heads” (the #1 most requested song of all-time on the ‘Dr. Demento Show’), present a new listening experience in ‘Outsider Music for Insiders’...

2-disc Ltd Ed colored vinyl LP w/ ‘groovy’ art etching in gorgeous gatefold packaging (featuring surrealist paintings by artist Mike Bell, based on concepts and art direction by Demented Punk’s John Cafiero), lyric sheet insert, and MP3 download card.  

Running Time: 50 minutes.

Demented Punk Online Exclusive Edition - Limited to 150 pcs worldwide!

Disc 1: ‘Psychedelic Pancake’ colored vinyl with neon multi-color (purple, green and orange) syrup splatter

Disc 2: ‘Jaws of the Panther' colored vinyl with ‘groovy’ art etching on Side 4

“This definitely ain’t “Fish Heads”! Pancake Dream finds the brothers Barnes at their most hypnotic and avant-garde, creating lyrics and soundscapes that will forever plague my dreams and haunt my every waking moment. Yeah!” — “Weird Al” Yankovic

"In 1978 Barnes & Barnes released "Fish Heads," the most requested song in the 51-year history of the Dr. Demento Show. In 2021, Barnes & Barnes bring us "Pancake Dream," born of a darker, more mature comic vision, and thrilling in its musical brilliance. I'm very proud to say "Pancake Dream" is on Demented Punk Records." — Dr. Demento

Track List:

Side 1:

1.) I Have So Many Friends in Heaven (3:13)

2.) American History (2:49)

3.) Worry (4:32)

4.) All Mine So Fine (3:51)

5.) Peace of Mind (3:51)

Side 2:

1.) Little Bobert Sunshine (4:18)

2.) Ode to Dire Pain (3:00)

3.) It's Not In My Mind (2:52)

4.) Go To Sleep (3:17)

5.) Take Your Money and Go in the Rain (4:41)

Side 3:

1.) Trust (6:26)

2.) Pancake Dream (4:14)

3.) Billy Haimer's Dead (2:09)

Side 4:

Groovy Etching